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Inmate Medical Services

Major County Jail provides medical services as needed. We strive to provide a higher level of care and service to those who are incarcerated.

Medical fees are withdrawn from the inmates commissary account, unless the inmate is deemed indigent. For indigent inmates, medical fees are added onto their court costs and fines. There is no charge for the inmate to be seen by the medical assistant or nurse.

Medical Fees

Department of Corrections inmates will not be billed for medical expenses by the county.

Inmates sentenced to this facility for 6 months or longer shall pay $4.00 per month for each medication versus paying $4.00 per week.

Any financial cost of pre-existing medical conditions resulting from a self-inflicted incident, will be the responsibility of the inmate.

Outside medications may only be given to the inmate once approved by the medical staff and must be in the original prescription bottle with the inmate's name on the label.

Due to HIPAA laws, jail staff may not notify any persons of an inmate's medical condition without written consent from the inmate.

For further information, please contact the medical staff at (580) 227-4471.

Medical Service Cost
Office Visit with the Physician $93.00
Prescription $5-10
Over the Counter Medication $.35cents

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